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Towards Sustainabilities

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We make space for sustainable learning

Sustainable learning challenges us to reflect on existing cooperation, communication, ways of thinking and routines and to initiate new forms of understanding. There are many ways to achieve self-determined, holistic and lifelong learning. What they all have in common is that answers to open questions emerge during the learning process.

Sometimes small impulses are enough to bring about change; sometimes long-term support processes are needed to overcome resistance and open up to new ideas; sometimes knowledge transfer is needed to make issues one’s own; sometimes dialogue, shared experience and exchange are the real added value.

What is always needed is a framework that enables learning, communication and cooperation.

Workshops & Coaching rund um Konflikt, Zusammenarbeit, Verständigung
Systemisch-kulturreflexive Organisationsberatung
Our colloaboration formats

Participatory action and culturally reflective cooperation are stabilizing success factors for sustainable cooperation..

Systemic consulting begins where complexities condense to the point where points of reference are lost.

Sustainability! skills strengthen in leading and supporting organizational transformation processes.

Gründer & Coaches
Sustainability mindsets foster collaboration, communication and change.

Blended Learning links sustainable learning spaces

Blended learning addresses skills such as creativity, cooperation and flexibility. With didactically linked online and onsite approaches, we combine analog with digital learning impulses.

We fly the flag for diversity.


„Our logo symbolically connects different geographical areas by resting on a ribbon of understanding. It is a symbiosis of our cultural roots, professional discipline and cooperation. For us, SAMIN symbolizes the respectful coexistence of people in and towards their environment.”

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